Mick Art Productions Publishing

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Book Sizes Available
Color Cover with black and white interior: 5w x 8h, 5.5w x 8.5h, 6w x 9h, 7.5w x 9.25h, 7w x 10h, 8w x 10h, 8.5w x 11h.
Color Cover with Color Interior: 5.5w x 8.5h, 6w x 9h, 8.5w x 8.5h, 7w x 10h, 8w x 10h, 8.5w x 11h.

Page Count
Color Cover with black and white interior: Minimum 18 pages/Maximum 1050 pages.

Color Cover with Color Interior
Minimum 24 pages/Maximum 480 pages.

All books published by M.A.P.P. are distributed by Baker & Taylor, one of the largest book distributors in the United States.

Trade Discounts
We recommend setting up your book with a 50% trade discount. Most stores will not stock your book with anything less.

This is the option of the author and is highly recommended because most bookstores will not stock a book unless it is marked as returnable. If you have any questions about this, write me and I’ll explain it further.

Cost per book
The cost of your book will depend on its size, the number of pages, and whether it is in black and white or color. We will work closely with you to make sure you are getting the best price possible.

This is the responsibility of the author. M.A.P.P. is not responsible for grammar or spelling errors.

This is the responsibility of the author. M.A.P.P. is not responsible for how you market your own book. Each author must decide how to reach their audience. I can give helpful advice and point you in the right direction, but driving sales is up to the creator of the book.

Photography or illustrations must be provided by the author unless there is an earlier agreement made between the author and M.A.P.P.

Design & Layout
I do all the layout of the book and the design work as part of my service, this cost is included in my fee. Photos provided for any book must be Royalty Free (not grabbed off the internet).

Revisions to  Layout
The initial layout service and first revision is calculated in my fee. For changes after that, charges will be $25.00 per hour (Please have all text in its final form before the layout process to avoid the need for revisions.)

Shipping Fees
Depends on type and size.

Minimum Book Purchase
There is a minimum purchase of 100 books when working with Mick Art Productions Publishing. This minimum will help keep the unit cost of your books down.

Material Submission Guidelines
Work to be submitted in M.S. Word, Pages, or .text format (each chapter must be its own document.) All photos or artwork submitted as scans must be 300dpi set at the appropriate page size. If you would like us to scan the art, please provide it to us in a secure envelope. There is no fee for scanning the first 5 scans. Scans after that are $2.00 apiece.

You may purchase one on your own or get one from M.A.P.P. The cost of using an ISBN from me is calculated into my fee. (Remember: Ebooks require an additional ISBN beyond print)

Bar Code
Bar codes are created by MAPP. No fee.

Set up Charge
There is a one time set up charge of $75.00 with the printer.

Printers Proof Fee
Price will vary depending on which distributor we agree to using.

After the layout is approved, the design is sent to the printer, who will provide a physical proof of your book. One change after that first proof is free. A $100.00 service fee will be charged thereafter per revision.

Mick Art Productions Publishing reserves the right to turn down any work presented for any reason.