Tales of Wordishure

In the land of Wordishure, God's Word is sure! This entertaining, 5-star rated book series is not only recommended by other Christians, it has received three recommendations from The Old Schoolhouse magazine!

Journal of an Outlaw

A fantasy comedy series set in the Unremembered Realms. Follow the exploits of an unnamed rogue as he encounters all sorts of bizarre characters and humorous situations. This series is a parody of D&D/Lord of the Ring genres and it is meant more for adults, but is family friendly so the older kids will enjoy it too!

A Story of Clay

Clay is a modern 7-year old boy who prays at his bedside every night. He asks God to shape his life and help him become a vessel unto honor. An angel of the Lord comes and takes Clay back through time for a Biblical adventure.

Lessons in Art with Mick McArt coming soon

An upcoming 16 lesson curriculum teaching you or your child how to become an artist. Drawing, painting, songwriting, poetry, sculpture, and much more will be covered. Find out what art truly is and why we feel the need to create it. Email me using my contact link below if you want to be added to the ever growing list of people who are interested in this. Course will include Teacher/student curriculum book as well as a DVD.

Mick Art Productions Publishing

If you are a Christian author, or an author writing a Christian friendly book, and are looking to self-publish, this may be just what you are looking for.

Mick Art Productions, LLC.

Operating business under artist/publisher/writer Mick McArt, B.F.A., M.A.